The world of  IT is sometimes to infinity and beyond. 
We love to be part of your journey to explore different technology, markets and cultures and keep the focus on ideal solutions.


Business Consulting

Mergers & Aquisitions 
Change management
Project management
Projekt reviews
Rightsizing of Business Outsourcing
Quality management



Project management
Demand management
Requirements engineering
Business process design and optimization
Projekt reviews
Rightsizing of IT Outsourcing
Release management
Structured testing 
Roll-Out of Enterprise template solutions



Specification and optimization of "End to End" Business scenarios
Best Practice Industry solutions
Full implementation of SAP as strategic IT-ERP System
Integration of different IT Systems as DWH, POS, Activation, CRM, Billing,...
Release changes and upgrades  
Technical and Business documentation 

Focal Points in Industries

Whether from the best within an industry
or the view of a completely different business world.
Experience enriches.


Telecommunications / Mobile Operators

Since the first mobile operators has gone "on the air", we are part of this industry sector. Hardly any business is depending this much on IT as the telco operators - countless IT systems and huge numbers of customers. Without perfect integration of network technology, it systems and seamless business processes, this would be a mission impossible. 100 % availabilty is essential.



Starting at automotive business to mechanical engineering up to pharma manufacturing.  Eighter process industry, make to order manufacturing or service provider - each business is unique. Sometimes parallelism could be detected and leads to unconventional transfer of experience cross industries. 
Let your business benefit from exciting views and solutions.



From wholesale to retail, with single outlets or multiple stores - we can rely on deep kowledge of retail business needs within certain sectors. 
if it is a telco operators outlet with highly integrated it-sytems or pharma wholesales with multiple daily deliveries to drugstores or hardware and DIY stores. Direct customer relations, customer experience and in time product availibility are key success factors .