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Core Competence 

wwi.con IT - Consulting – an experienced and dedicated team at the service of our clients - since 1998.

Our process oriented core competence lies with the integration of business processes into the operational and organisational structure of our clients.

Our technical core competence lies with finding the optimum application of standard software supplied by SAP and it’s technical integration with other IT systems.

Characteristics and competences such as:
- Responsible commitment
- Ability to communicate with all levels of management
- People skills
- Integral project approach
define wwi.con’s approach to client projects.

We guarantee a transparent and successful conclusion to projects.

We know that we can not do everything ourselves, therefore our strategy is based on the following:
"We unite a dense network of partners from various service aspects for client projects.
We enter partnerships with carefully selected subcontractors."
This allows us to respond even to short term requests on a wide variety of projects and enables us also to offer fair conditions to our clients.
Our dedicated involvement in project tasks offers the client transparency and reliability.


Corporate Philosophy 

"To make it different is not wrong, it is only different!"  
We define our attitude to our work by a down to earth, practical „hands on approach“ and pride ourselves in achieving user friendly results.
We aim to establish a relaxed and open relationship with our clients. We seek feedback and strive continuosly to further develop our services.
Based on our dedicated attitude towards our work our motto is:
"We finish our work when our set goals have been achieved. We love to go the 'extra mile'. We are satisfied when our customers are excited"


Company History 


SAP Rollout Projects in the Retail Area are resuming. New Business Models need first class IT backing and integration. We are happy to support our customers change process. 
Covid 19 becomes a major topic for our clients and new modells of collaboration could be established. Our long term high quality approach and trustful relationship with our customers is the base to pursue useful projects.
Beside ongoing improvements for our existing customer base, new clients and projects in Automotive could be aquired. We are proud to support Business Process Redisign, creation of a new SAP Template and Rollout to China and USA for our new Germany-based Automotive client. 
2018 / 19
Major Projects in Retail and Banking Area could be concluded and handed over into customers lines of business.
We celebrate 20 years anniversary of wwi.con.
New exiting projects could be started, e.g. in the field of SAP S4/HANA.
Telco Mobile Operator Projects in Italy and UK can be completed very successful. Upcoming Options in Overseas Destinations are exciting.
In the Banking Sector IFRS9 is the key topic.
With EOY 2017, Rudi Windisch retired and assigned his shares to Norbert Wannenmacher. His heartfelt wish to donate more time for charity projects becomes true.
Telco Mobile Operator next stop is Italy. We are very delighted to contribute with our expertise.
In the banking industry the IFRS9 topic becomes the key issue.
International Pharma clients force their SAP Rollout Projects and we are very happy to be part of this projects.
As merger mania remains the topic in Mobile Operators business, UK is the next target. Our client will take advantage of the gained and proven know how of similar successful projects in Austria and Ireland.
Banking and Pharmaceutical Industry contribute substantial growth to our business.
Another merger in the Telco Mobile market in Ireland between O2 and Three keeps us busy, We are proud that our experience is highly appreciated already in the pre closing phase and the following realization of the IT Integration.
Major Projects in Banking and Pharmaceutical Industry have their successful GO Live, taking advantage of cutting edge technology. This leads to exciting follow-up projects.
The merger of two Austrian Telco mobile operators Orange and Three final gets the EU and local approval. We are responsible for the merge of the logistic processes and involved IT systems. Also the Go Live of the implementation of a central ERP System can be completed successfully.
In autumn, major new projects from clients in banking and pharmacy industry are kicked off.
We are very glad about winning a new telco customer. Our experts know how is much appreciated in the conception and implementation of a europegroup-wide ERP Central Solution. The merger of Orange and Three requires the redesign of logistic processes and project management for the merge of business departments and IT it-systems.
Continuous work load from our existing customer base leads to very pleasing financial year end results.
Our business division „leased management“ generates continuous growth. With the help from our experts, our key customers achieve sustained success with redesign of existing outsourcing contracts and processes as well as new contracts for Offshore Development.
New customers benefit from our experience in bidding procedures and bid design.
Major projects can be closed successfully, new contracts can be gained at our customer base.
In spite of the general economic downswing, wwi.con is in the position to provide ongoing consultancy support with a reduced number of consultants for our customers.
New clients use our concept of highly professionell "Leased IT-Management" for the demanding implementation of ERP Systems and CEE wide roll out.
IT Outsourcing & Outplacement is a trend in recent years. We also know about the risks and our clients benefit from the approach of "Rightsizing". We consult our clients sucessfully in the process of redesign there supplier contracts and realtionship.
Extension of the product portfolio
Consulting for Mergers and Acquisitions, valuation of IT-systems and there seamless support of closed process chains.
Change Management is becoming an key success factor for our clients tue to the fact of there forced expansion in CEE markts. wwi.con can partner these needs with well experienced consultants. The wwi.con business area "Leased Management" gains considerable growth.
Further expansion to Romania becomes reality..
Successful development of the customer base in Croatia and Austria.
Start with sales activities in Bulgaria with subsequent first customer orders.
Establishing the Croatian subsidiary as local partner.
Increase of Consultants to above 20.
Founding the first foreign office in Zagreb/Croatia. Expanding the sales activities in the Eastern Europe countries.
Increase of Consultants to above 10. HT – Mobile - another Croatian customer won.
Successful project conclusions for
HT in Croatia
T-Mobile in Great Britain
Niedermeyer and T-Mobile in Austria
Big projects outside Austria under project leadership of wwi.con for the first time (HT – Hrvatski Telekom). Despite economically difficult market situations our team grows to 8 highly skilled professionals.
6 wwi.con Consultants established in client projects guaranteeing the success of these projects.
Start of business activities with big projects for T-Mobile Austria.
First business project activities also started outside Austria.
Founding of the company wwi.con IT Services Ltd. with head office in Hinterbruehl / Austria ny Rudolf Windisch and Norbert Wannenmacher.
Development of a dense network of Consultants and Partners.